Tropical Cyclones

Some of the deadliest cyclones in the world made landfall on Bangladesh causing death to thousands. I am interested in improving cyclone prediction system in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a small but densely populated South-Asian country that is globally recognized as one of the most vulnerable countries for tropical cyclones. Cyclones primarily originate from the Indian Ocean during pre-monsoon (March-May) and post-monsoon (October-November) season and the funnel-shaped Bay of Bengal makes this region an ideal place for landfalling.

Recently, WeatherUnderground compiled a list of deadliest tropical cyclones in the world and found 10 of the 20 deadliest cyclones made landfall over Bangladesh. Among them, the Great Bhola Cyclone of 1970 alone caused death to 550,000 people. Such a huge fatality occured primarily due to the absence of an effective early warning system. Cyclone prediction system in Bangladesh has improved greatly over the last few decades but there is still plenty of room for further improvement. Taking advantage of state-of-the-art weather prediction models, I would like to study and contribute to the improvement of cyclone prediction system in Bangladesh.

Mohammad Rubaiat Islam
Mohammad Rubaiat Islam
Atmospheric Researcher

Founder and Atmospheric Researcher at Precipitation Research Group. Interested in climate modeling for regional and local scale impact analysis.